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Creative Suggestions on How to Make a Paper Longer

With growing emphasis on word count requirements, students are unable to write essays that are too long. Not every student has a knack for writing, so producing particularly long essays can be a nightmare. Furthermore, students often find that they have to complete more than one assignment at the same time. For these students, there are times when submitting an essay without attaining the required word count is the only option, at the risk of getting a low grade. However, it will not be a problem for you anymore after reading this article. The article looks at some creative ways to make a paper longer, without having to settle for the obvious and lazy shortcuts commonly used by some students.

What Are the Lazy Tricks to Lengthen a Paper that You Should Avoid?

Before we look at some smart ways to increase your paper’s word count without compromising on the quality and appeal of the text, it makes sense to start with some common, but lazy ways to make a paper longer often used by students.

  • Quoting unnecessarily

Before you get tempted to use unnecessary direct quotes to increase the length of your paper, please remember that quote is meant to be used only when the material cannot be paraphrased any better. In any case, the excessive use of quotes can make your paper look unoriginal, and you end up sounding short of ideas of your own.

  • Increase page margins and spacing

Most students are often to increase page margins and adjust spacing within the text. First, this is a bad idea as most essay prompts have strict requirements for spacing and margins. In addition, too much spacing between lines only makes your work look unprofessional. Your instructor may also adjust the layout and spacing automatically. Most importantly, paper length rarely depends on the appearance of the paper, especially for electronic submissions. All your instructor needs to do is look at the word count. Ultimately, all the effort you put into searching for quotations and adjusting the formatting could be used to improve on the content of your paper, as highlighted in the next section.

Creative and Smart Ways of Making an Essay Longer

Writing a quality paper demands that you prepare adequately. Actually, this is the first tip if you intend to find sufficient material for your paper. Prepping before you begin writing, places you in the right position and mindset to write a paper that is long enough without much hassle. Avoid the habit of rushing through your paper, and take time to organize your thoughts before you begin writing. However, here are other smart ways to make your essay longer:

  • Carry out additional research

Adequate research is a critical aspect when writing a quality essay. To make sure that you write a paper of sufficient length, it is important to ensure that you have a firm understanding of the topic, as well as the subject area. How else can you obtain additional information to add to your essay if not through research? Fortunately, there are many sources of credible information online, including articles and e-books, from which you could get factual information to add to your text. Just make sure that the information adds to the paper, and you are not merely repeating yourself.

  • Produce an outline of your key points

From the moment you start writing your paper, it is important to describe the main points you are emphasizing throughout the text. Besides, giving flow to your writing, outlining the main points also increases your word count. The outline guides you to further elaborate on each point, thereby intelligently increasing the length of your text.

  • Go back to your rubric or prompt

It could be possible that you have not covered all the key areas required by your essay prompt. Go back to the prompt or the rubric, and read it carefully to ensure that you have not missed anything. Consider, for instance, whether you have responded to all the questions outlined. Have you offered sufficient supporting evidence to back all your claims? Have you left out any information that could enhance how your audiences understand your arguments? Have you met all the assignment requirements? You are likely to find out that there is still enough information left to sufficiently improve your paper’s word count.

  • Include some examples in your writing

Another way to make paper longer is by adding some useful examples to your paper to provide additional backing to your main points. This not only enriches the quality of your writing but also increases your overall word count. In fact, most instructors prefer when students provide case examples to elaborate their points further.

  • Use transitional phrases and words to enhance the flow

Transitional phrases and words are a good way to enhance the flow from one idea to another, while also improving on the length of your text. Some useful transitional phrases include, likewise, otherwise, not to mention, moreover, in addition, and therefore, among many others. When properly used, these phrases also enhance the readability of your essay.

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