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Useful Tips On How to Write a Conclusion for an Argumentative Essay

The conclusion is a crucial element of a well-structured argumentative essay paper. When writing your assignment, please note that the academic writing structure includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The function of the conclusion is to wrap up the arguments presented in the paper. Without a good conclusion, your argumentative essay will appear unfinished. While the finishing part is definitely important, few students understand how to write a conclusion, particularly for an argumentative essay. This article offers you some tips to give an idea, as well as suggestions on how to get professional assistance with your writing.

Some Suggestions on How to End a College Essay

The content of your conclusion depends on the rest of the paper. In other words, a good conclusion is one that ties together the different sections of the essay. Those assertions that you made in your thesis statement in the introduction ought to have been fully developed and substantiated using evidence in the body of your paper. The conclusion only serves to bring the discussion to a close by linking all the strands of the argument, and ending on a well-reasoned and logical note.

When writing a conclusion, keep in mind that this section should not provide any new material or ideas. Instead, use the section to tell your audience:

  • The implications of your findings
  • Whether there are some other factors that need to be explored further, but which were not within the scope of your essay
  • How the particular topic links to the bigger picture in your discipline

Remember to use your conclusion to emphasize the thesis. The concluding paragraph can be used to rephrase and revise the thesis statement in a new way. Hence, you get to freshen the memory of the reader regarding the essay’s main point. You also remind the reader that you have demonstrated the thesis over the course of your essay. You could restate your thesis in the initial sentence of the conclusory paragraph.

 Another way is to synthesize the argument in the paragraph. Students should not forget that there is a difference between a synthesis and a summary. In your college essay conclusion, there is no need to recap every element of your paper by point. Rather, you ought to include a brief of the key arguments presented in the paper, showing your reader how those points and the examples you used fit together in defence of your thesis.

You could also use the conclusion section to answer the ‘what now?’ and ‘so what?’ questions are arising from the paper. Why should your audience care about what you have written? To where should they proceed after reading your text? In other words, the conclusion gives you a chance to elaborate on the importance of the findings, and propose questions for further consideration.

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