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Creative and Informative Guidelines on How to Write a Good College Application Essay

When applying to the college, the importance of your entering essay cannot be emphasized enough. It is one of the most important assignments that can embody or break your college dreams. As such, it is crucial for your essay to breathe life into your entire application. Despite its apparent importance, students are seldom taught on the techniques of writing a college application essay. This article seeks to enhance your college admission chances by taking through some steps to make a stellar college application.

Why Your College Application Essay Is So Important

While most papers you will need to write in your academic life are important, none quite matches the pivotal nature of the application essay. In fact, your admission chances hinge on the quality of your essay. Students have to understand that the goal of the application paper is to convince the admission committee, to whom you are a stranger, within a limited word count, that you are a good match for their institution.

At the very least, the admission paper allows a panel to assess your writing and communication skills. The essay also allows to find out more about you as a person, especially those attributes that cannot be shown by stats like SATs and grades. The essay for college application offers information about your attitudes, creativity, and history, giving a sense of your goals and values.

Colleges are communities, and the role of the admission panel is to select candidates that fit into their community. As such, the admission essay is your chance to demonstrate what you bring to that community, as well as what makes you unique. Writing a poor essay either shows that you are not the right candidate, or that you did not give much effort to the writing process.

Useful College Application Essay Tips to Enhance Your Admission Chances

We have outlined the reasons why your application paper is highly important. Now we need to look at some of the strategies that you could use to enhance the quality and readability of your essay. First, you need to approach the process of writing an application essay with seriousness and preparation. Here are some tips to get you going:

  • Begin with brainstorming for ideas

Any form of professional writing must start with collecting ideas to write about. The application essay is the only part of your college application that allows you to express personality, in terms of who you are and why you think you are a good fit for the institution. Also, please keep in mind that the admission panel likely goes through hundreds of applications, meaning they may not get to read all the papers. Given the large volume of applications, admission officers want to be pleasantly surprised and drawn in by essays that are interesting and unique, innovative, interesting, and different from others. A good suggestion to help you with brainstorming is to list down the things that are interesting, creative and innovative about you.

Please note that, with the limited word count, there may not be enough room to reveal all the information about yourself. You only have the opportunity to highlight a small piece of information, so pick your best attributes that prove you have an outstanding personality.

  • Consider a mundane topic

In most cases, it is the simple things that create the best essay papers. Your choice of essay topic does not have to be on some life-changing event for it to be informative and interesting. In fact, you could write about the things that you observe on a daily basis and still produce an interesting and captivating paper. You could even write about how your neighbourhood has influenced you as a person. For an idea of what to write about and how your essay should look like, you could search for and analyze the numerous college application essay examples available online. Please remember that some colleges have their own special topics, although students often have the option to choose their own topics.

  • Develop an outline

Now that you have brainstormed and jotted down various aspects of your life you would like to write about, it is time to develop an outline. The same way that architects work from a blueprint and cooks from recipes, essays must also be written from a plan. Now that you know what you say, you must decide how to say it. Developing an outline ensures that you cover all the main points in sections, and that you do not leave out important points. The college application essay format includes an introduction, body and conclusion, following a natural progression that makes your writing coherent and readable.

  • Start the writing process as soon as possible

All the preparation will be of no use if you do not get down to actual writing. After creating your outline, free-write using as many concrete details and examples as possible. When writing your initial draft, do not worry about grammar, format, or spelling.

In terms of word count, many students ask the question “how long should a college application essay be?” . In most cases, the word count requirements will be indicated in the essay prompt. In cases where it is not stipulated, write an essay that is long enough to highlight your main strengths, but not too long as to become boring.

  • Revise for grammar, coherency and punctuation

Once you have written your text, you must proofread several times to eliminate errors that could take away from the overall appeal of your paper. Ensure that you have spelled all the words correctly. Sending an error-laden paper sends the wrong message to the admissions panel.

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